NoMice is a Captive Portal and Firewall that provides role based authorization access to protected network resources. It is especially suitable to offer corporate selective wireless network access or for wireless access to the Internet. Users and roles can be maintained into its own database and/or through an external ldap directory or a radius server. The installation is menu driven and does not require special technical skills.

NoMice is the piece that sits between the Access Points (AP.s) or external network and the protected network and you can centralize all the user policies here. You need a two network interface PC of any size with a bare debian Linux to start playing with it.


No Cats? Better NoMice ;-)

This is version 2.0 of the old gwlan package. We have rebuilt it nearly from scratch and renamed it as NoMice. It is really an alternative to other more known captive portals. The figures are dramatic: in our organization we serve more than 50.000 registered users on a 200 AP VLAN and have daily peaks of nearly 800 concurrent users. With a double NoMice gateway in an active passive configuration the system has been running over four years now without a flaw.

The most important changes from previous version are the following:

- Distribution as a self installable debian package
- Installation process through self explained guided menus
- Automatic installation of all the dependent packages used by NoMice (Apache, MySQL, IPTables, etc)
- Support for Eduroam access (in its captive portal version)
- Wider range of usable IP address space
- Private addressment for the wireless equipment
- Support for VPN connections
- The menus of the management web interface are now documentated
- Now in english, spanish and catalan languages

Pending issues:

- Support for Eduroam 802.1x access